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Essence – Japan and Hong Kong Ceramics Exhibition

5th to 18th June 2019

陶藝精神 - 日本與香港陶藝展覽
Essence – Japan and Hong Kong Ceramics Exhibition

Presented by SOGO HONG KONG
Curated by Rachel Cheung
Coordinated by Kate Siu
Design by Dez Leung

Opening Reception: 5 June 2019, 6pm (All are welcome!)
Venue: SOGO CLUB, 16/F SOGO Causeway Bay Store
Period: 5 - 18 June 2019, 10am - 10pm
(closing at 10:30pm on 6-8th and closing at 9:00pm on 18th)

[陶藝精神 - 日本與香港陶藝展覽] 同時贊美工藝與藝術,它們並行存在,並對人同樣重要。日本傳統陶瓷與香港當代陶瓷兩部份的展覽既遠且近,作品滲透著各自的理念、哲學與美學,展現其陶藝精神。日本陶藝部份秉承匠人傳統一絲不苟的態度,追求工藝的臻境; 香港的部份,藝術家由工藝作基礎開展探討,表述自己與陶瓷、陶藝與當下時代的關係。匠人與藝術家按自己的步代邁向理想。

The exhibition [Essence – Japan and Hong Kong Ceramics Exhibition] is to celebrate both craftsmanship and art, which co-exist and are equally important. The Japanese traditional ceramics and Hong Kong contemporary ceramics in the exhibition seem so different from each other yet they share a lot of similarities. The works permeate their own ideas, philosophy, aesthetics and also display the spirit and essence of ceramics. Japanese ceramic art is based on the meticulous attitude of the craftsman tradition, pursuing the highest realm of craftsmanship. As for Hong Kong, artists take craftsmanship as the foundation to explore and formulate their relationships with ceramics, ceramic art and the society that we are today. Craftsmen and artists stride towards their dreams at their own pace.

Participating Artists (Hong Kong):
Suzanne Au
Ryan Cheng
Angel Hui
Lam Duen Shan Ming
Lau Yat Wai
Ng Ka Ho
Geoffrey Palmer
Siu Kam Han
Kate Siu
Yiu Chun Wa

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