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Jakie Leung Koon Ming


Founding Member

梁冠明出生於香港。他於1985年畢業於英國Manchester University,獲得文學學士學位,主修木材,金屬和陶瓷。之後,他於1987年獲得North Staffordshire University工業陶瓷設計專業的碩士學位。自1988年回到香港後,他創立了JL Ceramics Workshop。他目前擔任Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University的講師。他是當代陶瓷協會的創始成員。他的作品被香港藝術館,香港文化博物館和海外收藏。

Leung Koon-ming Jakie was born in Hong Kong. He graduated with BA(Hons) degree in 1985, from Manchester University, England, majoring in wood, metal and ceramics. Then he received MA degree in 1987, from North Staffordshire University specializing in Industrial Ceramics Design. He founded JL Ceramics Workshop after returning to Hong Kong since 1988. He currently serves as a lecturer for Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. He is the founding member of the Contemporary Ceramic Society (H.K.). His works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Arts, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and overseas.

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