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Katherine Mahoney

Founding Member

職業生涯始於70 年代。她的作品遍布亞洲許多博物館和世界各地收
Katherine在70 年代中期在Keith Harding的Cranbrook Station Pottery
Mill Pottery。
80 年代初,Katherine 搬到香港,在中國和該地區廣泛旅行。她開始
Katherine於1996 年移居澳洲後繼續在當地和國際展出, 並享受與

Coming from an artistic family, Katherine was drawn to the beauty and
power of the ceramic medium. She began her career in the 70’s and has
produced ceramic works of art ever since. Her works are found in many
museums throughout Asia and collections worldwide.
Katherine trained as production thrower in the UK in the mid 70’s at
Cranbrook Station Pottery under Keith Harding. She later opened Fulling
Mill Pottery with her brother Duncan producing thrown and moulded
In the early 80’s Katherine moved to Hong Kong and travelled
extensively in China and the region. She began producing unique works
that were heavily influenced by Asia’s rich ceramic history. As her
works were exhibited they gained an international reputation and were
collected worldwide.
Katherine moved to Australia in 1996 where her work continues to
evolve. She exhibits both locally and internationally and enjoys the
challenge of collaboration with designers, artists and galleries.
Katherine actively contributed to the area of art education in Hong Kong.
She taught pottery at a variety of institutions including the former Hong
Kong Polytechnic, the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the Education
Department. She judged many competitions and exhibitions, including
the Hong Kong Art Biennial.

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