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Rebeka Tam


Rebeka Tam (譚曉怡), 2008年 完成 RMIT University 的藝術學士課程;並於2013年於中 文大學完成文化管理碩士課程。一直從事藝術教育及社區藝術相關工作多年,近年積極參與 策劃多個社區藝術計劃及展覽, 如 YMCARTS 的「城鄉共生藝術計劃」及「天拉吧」的社 區藝術計劃等。 Rebeka初接觸陶泥時,便被陶瓷的物質性吸引,喜歡對這種物料做實驗, 同時也希望從中尋找到陶與人生活狀態的連繫;並相信藝術創作若能回應「人的經驗」,便 能把創作過程的感受及反思回饋生活當中。

Rebeka was fascinated by the materiality of clay when she first encountered with ceramics. She loves to experiment with its materiality, while at the same time trying to find a connection that speaks to her concern about social issues and human conditions. She believes that if an artwork could relate to “human experiences”, the reflection & feelings of the creative process would feed back to life. She graduated from RMIT Univeristy (BA Fine Arts, major in Ceramics) in 2008, and completed a Master of Arts in Cultural Management at Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013. Rebeka has been working as an art educators for more than 12 years, and active in leading several community arts projects for years. For example, "Urban Rural Sustainability Community Art project" by YMCARTS & co-curating community projects for Tin-Library.

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